Katie Lord

Deep down, I always knew what I wanted to be.

It just took a lot of work, failures, effort, coffee, family and perseverance to get where I’m at.


After a decade of agency and in-house marketing experience, Katie Lord founded her company to close the ever-present gap between business ideas and creative execution. With a passion for design and a knack for strategy, Katie was able to meld her marketing success into a transparent business model to help people bring their ideas to life.

Katie Lord has helped companies achieve over $50,000,000 in venture capital funding through marketing and design. Having held positions such as a Marketing Manager at SMS Assist (now a $1B+ company) and Art Director at the Tribune, she has valuable experience working with and at the C-level of companies to guide their marketing strategies and execute creative design.

She founded Katie Lord Inc in 2015 has been helping companies get their start and make their ideas happen since. She’s also on the leadership team with Women Tech Founders, is a mentor for 1871, AIGA, and General Assembly for UX design, how to escalate your hustle, and productizing services. She’s also an Adjunct Professor at Tribeca Flashpoint College teaching Design for Business. Some recent projects she’s worked on are for the Admirals Pointe Condominium Association, ImpactVision, Germin8 Ventures, The Difference, Tillable, Theorem, Worldlink Specialty, Midwest Women in Tech Conference, Chicago Podcast Festival, Sales Hacker Midwest, Syndio, Kiser Group, Rainmaker, Xaptum, Besafemeds, EventUP, University of Chicago SSA, Parents for Healthy Kids sponsored by Aldi.

Katie grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with her mom and identical twin. For the first seven years of her life, Katie’s mother drove two hours each direction to earn a degree in education. That dedication, determination and overall work ethic inspired Katie to start her own company, ingraining in her the understanding of what it means to be a woman founder. She carries that knowledge with her to every meeting.

Katie currently lives in Chicago and enjoys spending time with her son Maxim, traveling and hanging out with her samoyed named Ymka.