How We Work

Know exactly what to expect when working with us

Nothing is more important to us than transparency. Because we believe in clear expectations, we manage each project using a point system to determine how we should delegate our efforts. No more complicated price structures that aren’t tied to a specific outcome.

Before we start, your project will be assigned a number of points based on your expectations for timeline and deliverables. The points are based on how you want to prioritize your tasks. We hold ourselves accountable for meeting those goals from kickoff to completion.

After you purchase points, our first step is to prioritize your task list and deadline. From there, we create a project timeline specifically for you. We provide access to our project portal so you can track our progress every step of the way, including review meetings and ongoing communication.

As a partner, you will have:

  • Review meetings
  • Full access to your working files
  • View your task list at any time so there is never a question of what we’re working on

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Predictable budget.
Predictable timeline.

We customize each project to meet your time frame and budget using a simple and transparent point system. There are never any unexpected costs, missed deadlines or mismanaged expectations. Points are allocated based on your budget, and our task list is based on your timeline. Our goal is to create the right design for your business.


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