Branding & Identity, Web Design, Lead Generation

Pasam + Boyina

St. Louis, MO

As new technology emerges, Pasam + Boyina (P+B) analyzes the problem it solves & evaluate its long-term value, then recommend & integrate the right technologies to grow your business.

Project Mission

P+B wanted to create a new identity and landing page to generate new conversations with potential clients.


Branding & Identity


Website Design & Development

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Our Role

Katie Lord Inc. worked directly with the founder to create a unique brand identity and landing page to explain what P+B does in a clear, concise manner using custom graphics.

The Evolution

After just a few variations, we were able to determine the final design direction. The logo is a simple 2 letter icon with a plus sign and outlining box to hold the composition together. The landing page design speaks to the “technology” audience with the full page background image.

Aspirational Ideas

The new logo and landing page design displayed together, or separately, hold a simple yet vibrant style to capture a users interest and generate new leads.

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