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Our process gives you flexibility and transparency

Each project we work on is tied to a transparent point system to set clear expectations on both timing and deliverables. We understand that sometimes our clients need to pause to gather assets, get approval, or even just think about the next step. Our process gives you the flexibility to get it right the first time, without adding unexpected costs to the project or drastically extending the timeline.

Sample Points Project:

5 points is a great starting point for smaller projects with quick timeframes. Our client partners have used 5 points on presentation updates, production design for ads, and even for website updates.

Here’s an example task list for your reference:

  • Kick-off meeting – 1/2 Point
  • Presentation design – 3 Points
  • Design review –1/2 Point
  • Presentation updates –1/2 Point
  • Release for use – 1/2 Point

5 Points ($500)

Catered to your needs

You choose your points, then we have a kickoff meeting to allocate them to your task list. Once we’re done with your task list, you can choose to pause or purchase another round of points to keep the momentum going.

Or, choose a number of points per month and let us be your design team.


5 points



10 points



20 points



50 points



Professional Marketing Website

For the business needing a website that showcases their message and attracts attention from your audience.

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Introductory Branding & Identity

Start your company on the right foot with branding and identity.

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App MVP Prototype

Have an idea for an app but not ready to pay to have it developed? We will develop a prototype for you to present to investors so you can convey your message without the expense.

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Pitch Presentation

For businesses looking to secure seed funding, we will create your deck. Our team has contributed to over $50 million in venture capital funding.

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Bootstrapped Startup

For those who need it all soup to nuts, we will develop a brand strategy that extends from the boardroom to the world wide web.

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We Join Your Team

Wether you need some extra design power or don’t quite need a designer full time, let us step in to help you out. We’re flexible.

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