Six Elements to Include in Your Logo Design

Jan 5, 2017

Tips for creating a logo that stands out from the rest

You’ve come up with a business idea and you’re ready to start. Congrats, that’s awesome. Before you can start handing out business cards and networking, one of the first things you need is a logo that tells your company story. A quality logo should attract the right kind of attention for your business, and provide the launching point for your brand identity—a combination that is easier said than done. Whether you are working with your own in-house graphic designer or outsourcing to a third party, here are six things to keep in mind when designing your logo.

1. Combine Icon and Text

Typing your business name in a sans-serif font is not the same as having a logo. It’s a challenge, but for maximum flexibility with marketing materials, your brand identity should be instantly, easily recognizable as an icon and as text. For example, Nike has the company name, and the swoosh icon, which is recognizable to everyone. A good logo will combine both the icon and the text to tell the full story. Here’s an example of successful logos shown at different sizes with and without text.

2. Include a Tagline

A tagline is just a few words that explains your company brand in really concise terms. Taglines are an important piece of any brand, and should be integrated seamlessly into the final logo design—not thrown in as an afterthought. It’s easy to spot a tagline that has been tacked on after the fact, versus one that has been thoughtfully incorporated. Make sure that your logo is designed with and without the tagline. This way there’s no question of how the two should look together.

3. Proper Color Scheme

The right color scheme enhances a logo and evokes the exact emotion you want your ideal clients to feel. The wrong color scheme confuses audiences and cheapens even the most well-designed brand elements. That said, a strong logo will be visible and recognizable across a range of devices and browsers. Since accessing every consumer’s monitor settings isn’t realistic, paying special attention to elements like contrast will help ensure the logo design is a winner. Be sure to test your design on as many devices (and eyes) as possible.

4. Stand out both digitally and in print

If you plan to use your logo digitally as well as in print, it’s crucial that the designer considers how your brand colors convert to both RGB (web-based) and CMYK (print-based) color modes. Blues and reds, especially, can look dramatically different, so it’s important that the designer is able to help you choose a color scheme that translates well. Make sure that you make note of each individual color number so it is consistent regardless of the medium.

5. Shine in all contexts

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Logos don’t exist solely on a screen, so it’s important to see examples of how the design will translate to real life. Ask to see mockups of the potential logo as you plan to use it: on t-shirts, notebooks, business cards, and other products that are a part of your business. Also, try it out in black and white, inverted colors and with different backgrounds. The additional context will help you determine if the logo is good as is, or could use some tweaking.

6. Accessible in different file types

Whether you hire a designer to create the logo, or manage it in house, make sure that you have it saved in a variety of different formats. Depending on the use, a larger file might be required. For example, a vector image (.EPS and .AI), can be scaled way up or way down with no loss in quality to look as crisp on a billboard as it would on a button. Make sure that your logo is created as a vector, in addition to PNG and JPG format, for easy use in everything from your website, social media to your email signature.

Logos are often the first impression that potential clients, investors, and partners have of a company, so the more strategy and thought that goes into the design process up front, the better. It is worth the time, effort, and investment to get your brand identity right the first time. For brand new businesses, having a professional, standout logo matters. It’s the first thing people see, and it’s the first step in getting noticed.

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