Setting the Bar High

Jan 27, 2017

My 2017 motto: Go big! Home is too far away

Not that I don’t miss home, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but 2017 is going to go in the records as the year Katie Lord Inc. went big. As any founder will tell you, goals are what keep you grounded, driven and powering through even the most challenging days. I spent a lot of time thinking about 2016 and what made it memorable (bumps in the road and all). Now it’s time for me to take everything I learned and apply it to my goals for a brand new year. Hitting the ground running with a new set of goals and a renewed sense of hell yeah, let’s do this, here’s a list of my top 7 2017 initiatives.


1. Grow my team

The first step of course is reaching our client goal, then it’s off to the hiring races. With any startup, the fluctuating workflow is the nature of the beast, so once we have a steady base of clients, building that team will be a breeze.


2. More Press

While the term “there’s no such thing as bad press” isn’t totally true, when you’re a brand new company trying to establish yourself and build a reputation, you take all the press you can get. From startup panels and press releases, to guest blog posts, I’ve put getting our name out there at the top of my 2017 priority list. You reading this, Crain’s?


3. Improve Inbound Marketing Strategy

The marketing industry’s evolving landscape is incredible, and it’s all about content. As a business owner, that means putting myself out there as a thought leader, which can be intimidating. At the end of the day, I’m simplifying the approach by providing useful content for my readers, engaging with the right audiences and to add the features to my website that will give my clients the resources they need to do better business. Be on the lookout for good stuff from us this year.


4. Solidify my lead process

This goes under the “organization” umbrella, and it’s a really important piece of the puzzle going forward. In order to streamline our process and make the most of our time, we need an efficient way to determine who is ready for an in-person meeting versus someone who just browsing and probably won’t become a lead until later on. I should be putting the finishing touches on this one very soon.


5. Attract more small businesses who are looking to get their marketing feet on the ground

I can confidently say the startup scene is our sweet spot, and I think that is largely because providing agency-quality work without the big agency price tag is something our niche market values. That said, we are eager to expand our client base with small businesses who are already established. These folks sometimes have even more of a need for our services, whether they need a marketing tune up, landing page, revamped website or updated branding, there is a lot of opportunity, so we’d like to try to reach more of those companies.


6. Business Development

I want clients in every state (in every country, really, but one thing at a time). Having Katie Lord Inc. representatives setting up shop around the country will be a dream for our business development efforts. It will also be a dream to have more people setting up coffee dates besides me. We want to expand and are actively hiring business development professional. Know anyone looking? Send them here.


7. Make a video

Video is straight up the most popular thing in marketing right now, and it’s giving brand storytelling a total facelift. I’ve got a great story to tell, so why not use the most effective method out there to tell it? Coming to a screen near you: A 360-degree look into Katie Lord Inc. headquarters.


I know 2017 is going to be a standout year for me and the team, and I can’t wait for my blog post 11 months from now where I check every single one of these boxes of the list. But in the meantime, I am laying the groundwork for the next 365. If you’re interested in working with Katie Lord Inc., check out our portfolio, and please reach out for more information about our design services.


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