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Feb 1, 2017

A few brands that are killing it right now

Going into the New Year, we are always looking for inspiration from businesses around our team who are taking things to the next level of cool. What is so amazing about the digital space is that you can get to know businesses that you would have otherwise never have encountered, and learn new and interesting ways to present information online. Here are a few of our favorite brands that are doing amazing things.

Funsize is a digital service and product design company with a strong commitment to their process and company culture. We love the way they introduce their brand to anyone visiting their site. They are super approachable sounding, so let’s be friends, k? They also have an awesome podcast all about The Hustle that I highly recommend you listen to.

Kiser Group is a commercial real estate firm and one of our favorite partners from 2016. So many real estate companies make searching for properties online a pain—their approach is seamless. We love how they wanted to focus on user experience for their clients—we expect to see big things from them in 2017!

Elegant Seagulls is a creative design agency that creates websites and user interfaces for clients. Their vision is “Design with personality” and it shows on their website, which features quirky team biographies, intuitive design and lots of seagulls. I mean, just their name alone and their “stay fly” mantra for creating epic websites makes their approach to business stand out. Plus they are from Katie’s homeland, the UP of Michigan. Huge points for that.

kohactive is a web design and development agency that works with startups and brands to deliver product strategy, responsive websites and mobile applications. Their mission is so super clear, something businesses oftentimes forget to make accessible for their readers. Readers, take note: mission statements matter!

Bonfyre is an app for promoting employee engagement. In this day and age, culture is everything, so by using various bells and whistles to boost collaboration from one platform, our client was really onto something. Besides the brand itself, they made inbound lead generation a priority with many calls to action (especially to try the demo) seamlessly embedded  throughout the site, making it easy for viewers to become leads.

Hawke Media serves as an outsourced CMO to fulfill all sorts of marketing needs at a reasonable budget. Their website is sleek and keeps the viewer engaged, but really we love the concept of data-driven marketing on a month-to-month or a la carte basis. They are doing an amazing job of connecting companies with specific marketing needs with a solution. We think that’s stellar.

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