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Feb 22, 2017

What Marketing Pieces VC’s look for before they invest

Seed funding is the initial investment made in a startup by outside investors. For someone just starting out, this money can be a complete game changer for the success of the business and you only get one chance to make a first impression with a VC. When you set out to procure seed funding, the presentation is a critical element of your startup’s success, so it’s invaluable to put your best foot forward. That is where we come in.

3 Marketing must-haves when on the hunt for seed funding

1. Online Presence

The very first thing a VC is going to do before meeting with an investment candidate is check out the website to get a vibe for your business. We can’t emphasize enough that for a business to be taken seriously, it has to have an online presence. From a standard marketing website to active social media channels, this is one step that businesses hoping to attract investors cannot ignore. Don’t worry about having multiple pages, instead focus on building a presence that represents the direction of your business.

2. Business Cards and Stickers

It may seem old school, but well-designed business cards still make a lasting impact on potential investors. That means a logo, an email address, a working website and something tangible to hand out to investors. An early-stage startup should at least have the bare minimum in place to demonstrate that they have their ducks in a row. Professional collateral materials underscore the impression that no detail has been overlooked. Seriously, don’t walk into a meeting without them.

3. A Pitch Deck/Pitching

The pitch deck is a chance to grab an investor’s attention by visually summarizing your business plan. This This is your opportunity to explain exactly why your startup is worth their time and money. Demonstrate to potential investors that your product or service offers a solution to a real problem that customers will pay to solve. Include real numbers and earning potential, plus a careful analysis of the competition, the market and the financial risks of investment. Show some soul by explaining the company’s mission and longterm vision, not to mention the bios of those who are already involved in the startup. And last, but not least, outline exactly how the money will be used to further the company. Note, a pitch deck, and the presentation that goes with it, should be specifically tailored for each audience and opportunity. Learn more about common pitch deck mistakes, and how to avoid them here.


Companies that have their marketing aligned have proven to be more successful in receiving funding—which is where we come in. We help startups secure funding by helping them put the best foot forward in their presentation, branding, website and UX. Our proven track record has helped businesses swoon investors into over $100 million in capital. We know how to help you tell your brand story, while maximizing your investment. Contact us to learn more about how to maximize your seed funding potential.


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