Honing Your Approach: Funding

What Marketing Pieces VC's look for before they invest Seed funding is the initial investment made in a startup by outside investors. For someone just starting out, this money can be a complete game changer for the success of the business and you only get one chance...

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The Pro Prototype

Why a killer app prototype will save you money, time and resources "If you're not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late." -Reid Hoffman. Developing an app that will catch the attention of investors is the new American dream. The...

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Building Your Startup Network

Our list of the top Chicago-based networking groups Cultivating meaningful connections with other entrepreneurs through networking is invaluable for any startup founder. But it’s the inspiration and motivation that comes from those conversations that is so infectious....

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I Spy…

A few brands that are killing it right now Going into the New Year, we are always looking for inspiration from businesses around our team who are taking things to the next level of cool. What is so amazing about the digital space is that you can get to know businesses...

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Setting the Bar High

My 2017 motto: Go big! Home is too far away Not that I don’t miss home, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but 2017 is going to go in the records as the year Katie Lord Inc. went big. As any founder will tell you, goals are what keep you grounded, driven and powering...

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The Importance of Establishing Brand Guidelines

Because details always matter From press coverage to contract work, your company’s identity will sometimes be in the hands of other people. This is one of the many reasons why a well-thought-out, carefully defined set of brand guidelines is essential for businesses of...

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Honing Your Pitch

Get an investor’s attention with a killer pitch deck Great ideas will get you far, but as an entrepreneur, funding is essential in order to keep those great ideas afloat. When launching your business – even if you’re bootstrapping – you’ll have to convince investors,...

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UX Pitfalls: What to Avoid When Designing a Website

How to create an experience your users will love User experience is the reason why people stay on your website or move onto the next one, or why someone will click on a Call to Action (CTA). It’s the most important element of website design, because it either...

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Six Elements to Include in Your Logo Design

Tips for creating a logo that stands out from the rest You’ve come up with a business idea and you’re ready to start. Congrats, that’s awesome. Before you can start handing out business cards and networking, one of the first things you need is a logo that tells your...

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Making Ideas Happen

A look back at our most impactful projects of 2016 For Katie Lord, Inc., 2016  was a year of growth, learning, and some really fun projects. We covered a lot of ground, made a lot of new friends and partnered with ridiculously amazing businesses to help make their...

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