Agency Quality Work,
Without the Big Agency Cost

These days, good design is an unavoidable requirement of doing smart business. Yet, for a lot of businesses finding the resources to put together the right website and branding for your organization means paying exorbitant prices to a large agency, or managing freelancers who might not be thinking about your long term business strategy. Witnessing first hand this gap in service more growing businesses, Katie Lord Inc was founded to help businesses make their ideas happen, with an upfront and transparent approach.

Using rounds of points tied to client tasklist, timeline and budget our team provides an avenue for small businesses and startups to align their branding, design and marketing with their growth goals.

On a mission to make good design attainable to businesses of every phase we are breaking down the barriers to entry that these companies face when dealing with larger agencies. And let’s face it, starting a business is hard enough without having to deal with the unexpected.

As a rapidly growing business, Katie Lord Inc emphasizes clear expectations, transparent pricing and carefully planned timelines. Our approach allows our clients to plan for what they need and get exactly the results they want.

Showcase your brand, tell the right story and be noticed.


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